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The Palm Sunday Tornado outbreak of April 11-12, 1965, spanned six states and included 47 tornadoes. Monroe was struck by an F1 at approximately 8:00 pm on April 11th on the southeast side of town. 50 homes and 65 businesses were damaged or destroyed, along with 400 cars. 40 persons were injured.

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Monroe, Green County, Wisconsin

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Dale Nelson Plays Outside Tornado-Damaged Home
Three year-old Dale Nelson plays outside his tornado-ravaged home.

Lone Woman Sifts Through Rubble After Tornado
A woman sifts through rubble after the 1965 Palm Sunday tornado.

Destroyed Home of the Karl Jensen Family
Members of the Karl Jensen family try to salvage items from their tornado-destroyed home.

Max Wyssbrod of Browntown Carries a Calf After Tornado
Max Wyssbrod of Browntown carries a calf as he helps clear tornado debris.

Feed Recovery at Robert Stauffer Farm After Tornado
Neighbors assist Robert Stauffer in recovering livestock feed from a silo destroyed by the Palm Sunday tornado.

Tornado Damage at Swiss Cheese Shop
A woman is pictured in the severely tornado-damaged Swiss Cheese Shop on Highway 69.

Governor Knowles Surveys Monroe Tornado Damage
Wisconsin Governor Warren Knowles surveys Monroe tornado damage during a flyover.

Spliteck Home Destroyed by Tornado
The wreckage of the home of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Spliteck and daughter Roberta.

World War I Cannon Surrounded by Tornado Damage
A historic cannon in pictured in a tornado-damaged park.

Springman Family with Destroyed Home
Mr. and Mrs. David Springman are shown near their destroyed trailer.
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