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$100,000 Fire of January 13th, 1914, #1
Fire blazes inside of this building that is currently still mostly intact, though this fire was far from being done. The fire caused $100,000 in damages to many buildings in Monroe, Wis., both businesses like this one and homes as well.

$100,000 Fire of January 13, 1914, #2
This huge fire was witnessed by many as massive flames enveloped buildings in Monroe, Wis., including businesses and homes. The fire caused $100,000 of damage by the time it was done.

$100,000 Fire on January 13, 1914, #3
A fire in January of 1914 set many buildings ablaze, including the D.C. Ryan residence seen here totally engulfed in flames. There where an estimated $100,000 in damages in total from the fires.

$100,000 Fire of January 13th, 1914, #4
The wicked aftermath of a massive fire in January, 1914, in Monroe, Wis., can be seen here. The fire caused around $100,000 in damages to multiple businesses and homes.

$100,000 Fire of January 13th, 1914, #5
People can be seen here inspecting the damages that were caused by the great $100,000 fire in Monroe, Wis., in January, 1914.

Damaged Barns After Tornado - 1967
A tornado in southern Wisconsin cut a path through several properties, knocking down several large dairy barns. No one was reported injured in the storms.

Fire at Turner Hall, Monroe, Wis., 1936, #1
Flames run amok in the old Turner Hall in 1936.

Fire at Turner Hall, Monroe, Wis., 1936, #2
Flames have begun to roar inside of the old Turner Hall of Monroe in 1936.
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