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School Buildings

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Public School in Juda Wisconsin
School house in juda wisconsin

Lincoln School
Exterior view of Lincoln School in Monroe, Wisconsin. Include a contemporary vehicle.

New High School of Monroe
Exterior view of Monroe high school.

Green County Normal School
Exterior view off Green County Normal School, located in Monroe, Wisconsin.

Monroe Public Schools
View of the Monroe school buildings at that time: North, East, Center, and South.

New High School of Monroe
Trimmed postcard depicting Monroe's new high school.

Churchill School
Exterior view of Churchill School.

Churchill School
Exterior view of Churchill School in Monroe, Wisconsin. Affixed label reads "Old North School, Corner 9th St and 15th Ave."

New High School at Monroe
Exterior view of the high school building with an affixed label reading "built 1905-1906."

Public School at Browntown
Exterior view of public school at Browntown, Wisconsin.
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