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KUNDINFRA 00009.jpg
View of a stone culvert near Monroe, Wisconsin.

KUNDINFRA 00008.jpg
Exterior view of United States Post Office in Monroe, Wisconsin.

KUNDINFRA 00007.jpg
Workers are shown with machinery at a road work job site outside of Monroe, Wisconsin.

KUNDINFRA 00006.jpg
Children are shown playing in a portion of the pool at Recreation Park in Monroe, Wisconsin.

KUNDINFRA 00005.jpg
An exterior view of the Swiss architecture city water facility is shown.

KUNDINFRA 00004.jpg
The exterior of the City Hall building in Monroe, Wisconsin is shown, void of vehicles.

KUNDINFRA 00003.jpg
The parking ramp in Monroe, Wisconsin is shown, as viewed from the opposite corner.

KUNDINFRA 00002.jpg
The exterior of the armory in Monroe, Wisconsin is shown

KUNDINFRA 00001.jpg
The Recreation Park pool in Monroe, Wisconsin is shown, including swimmers and other visitors.
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