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Wheels from another car poke through debris scattered in the parking area of the shopping center in Monroe. Many of the buildings in the center were destroyed.

Students from Oregon High School (Dane County) help clean up debris at the Fred Kraus farm in Monroe.

A utility pole fell across several cars in Monroe during Sunday's tornado.

"Saddened faces after a tornado struck are seen as people walk in front of the wrecked Alphorn motel. A tornado struck the city 4/11 doing considerable damage to the business area. No deaths were reported but 8 persons were hospitalized."

On Monday, April 12th, Wisconsin National Guardsmen patrolled Highway 81 at Highway 11, on the northwest side of Monroe. This is where the Hughes House Trailer Park was hard hit.

"Rubble covers the Alphorn motel after a tornado ripped across Wisconsin. The tornado did extensive damage to the business district of the city but no deaths or critical injuries were reported."

An overturned car was piled against the wreckage of a supermarket foundation at Monroe. The auto was one of several blown across the road by the force of the winds and then slammed into buildings.

"MONROE, WIS, APRIL 12 -- THEY RODE IT OUT --Mrs. Albert Tucker and her daughter, Anita, left of Warren, Ill., relax at Monroe, Wis., yesterday after the car in which they were riding was spun three times by a tornado and thrown off the highway. …

"A group of residents in Monroe began the sad task of inspecting damage and searching for personal belongings after a tornado struck a trailer court there Sunday. Tree limbs and household items littered the area. Many trailers were tossed about by…

Three year-old Dale Nelson plays outside his tornado-ravaged home.
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