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Address delivered by Melvin H. Nickel, pastor of the Juda Zion and Union EUB Churches at the memorial service for the Juda crash victims held on April 2, 1967.

KUNDSQSCP 00011.jpg
A view of the Monroe, Wisconsin square, looking north on 16th avenue.

KUNDDISWX 00006.jpg
Railroad accident outside of Monroe, Wisconsin on January 17, 1911.


KUNDDISWX 00005.jpg
Labeled "$100,000 fire, January 13, 1914. Monroe, Wis."


The Monroe High School football team Strikes a pose during the 1923 season.

Composite photo of Juda High School's 1967 senior class.

Aerial view of the crash damage to the hotel and the immediate debris field.

Aerial view of debris field leading to hotel

KUNDBIZNS 00004.jpg
Interior and exterior views of Alphorn Motel in Monroe, Wisconsin

KUNDORGNZ 00004.jpg
Exterior view of the American Legion Post in Monroe, Wisconsin.
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