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Cheese Days

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Monroe High School Band In the Cheese Days Parade
Postcard image of the Monroe High School Band performing in the 1970 Cheese Days parade.

Schweizer Gruppe – Ferd Ingold Float
Ferd Ingold float for a Cheese Day parade in Monroe, WI. Unfortunately, the exact year is unknown.

Cheese Day Committee's Tourist Pamphlet
A 1923 pamphlet from the Cheese Day Committee about the history of Monroe, WI.

C.L. Chambers Float
A B&W postcard image of the C.L. Chambers Cheese Day Float. Their sign reads: "Yes! We Stand Behind Every Bed We Sell." The year is unknown.

United States Navy Band in 1970's Cheese Days Parade
The United States Navy Band marches in a 1970’s Cheese Days parade in Monroe, WI.

Cheese Day Float: Man In Top Hat & 2 Girls with Umbrellas
A man in a top hat drives a Cheese Day float, with two girls holding umbrellas in the back. Unfortunately, the sign is blocked, and the year of this Cheese Day remains a mystery.

R.W. Humphrey Float - Cheese Day, 1923
A 1923 Cheese Day float, with a sign stating: “For Quick Service Call R.W. Humphrey Co.”

Royal Neighbors - Cheese Day, 1915
Royal Neighbors riding in the 1915 Cheese Day parade.

Governor's Auto En Route to the Speakers' Podium - Cheese Day, 1915
Emanuel L. Philipp, Governor of Wisconsin, en route to the speakers' podium at the 1915 Cheese Day.

Auto Section Of Parade - Cheese Day, 1915
The auto section of the Cheese Day parade in 1915.
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