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Clergy at the Crash Site
A member of the clergy is shown kneeling at the crash site among first responders, press, and others.

FAA Examiners Sift Through Debris Field the Day After Crash
Federal Aviation Agency workers comb through wreckage as railroad workers repair tracks.

First Responders and Others at Damaged Area of Hotel
First responders and others at damaged area of hotel with smoke in background

Police Lieutenant Examines Rubble
Kenner Police Lt. Joseph Mumphrey examing the area the hotel where the body of victim Clarence Johnson was found.

First Responders and Others with Aircraft Engine
First responders and others are pictured in the aftermath of the crash, with an engine from the aircraft in the foreground.

Aerial View of Damaged Portion of Hotel
Aerial view of the crash damage to the hotel and the immediate debris field.

First Responders and Others Cross Debris Field
First responders and others cross debris field.

Aerial View of Debris Field Leading to Hotel
Aerial view of debris field leading to hotel

Wide Shot of Hotel Debris Field
Overview of debris near damage portion of hotel.

Close up of Section of Fuselage at Crash Site
A large section of the aircraft is seen in the debris field at the hotel.
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