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Aerial View of Alphorn Motel
Postcard of Alphorn Motel

Farmers Bank in Browntown
Postcard of of Farmer's Bank, Browntown, Wisconsin

Correspondence from Fred Tschudy & Sons to Wisconsin Attorney General Emmett R. Hicks, 1899
Correspondence from local merchant Fred Tschudy & Sons to Wisconsin attorney general Emmet R. Hicks discussing the sale of pedigreed cattle.

S.W. Krueger Shoeing & Repairing
Postcard of S.W. Krueger Shoeing and Repair

T.L. Summeril Business Card
T.L. Summeril Auctioneer, Real Estate Loan

The Mansion, Idle hour farm
Promotional postcard for the mansion hotel

David Peterson Starts Airplane for Sale
Mechanic David Peterson prepares to start an airplane taken in trade by dealer Lester Johnson.

Interior of Clark's Model Drug Store
Interior view of Clark's Model Drug Store in Monroe, Wisconsin.

Gasthaus Motel
Exterior view of Gasthaus Motel in Monroe,Wiscosnin.

Citizens Bank
Exterior view of Citizens Bank in Monroe,Wisconsin
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