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Business receipt from Young & Co. in Monroe, WI.

A Young & Co. 1904 furnace receipt for $70.

Promotional postcard: "Young & Co.’s Cheese Dept., Monroe, Wis., the headquarters for Green Co. Cheese".

A historic cannon in pictured in a tornado-damaged park.

KUNDBIZNS 00003.jpg
Interior and exterior views of Woody's Dew Drop Inn restaurant in Dayton, Wisconsin.

The Foreign Cheese Industry of Wisconsin's origin was in Green County, of which Monroe is the County Seat, and owes its existence to the pioneers pictured. Included is Nicklaus Gerber, who produced from 1870-1919 an annual output of Swiss (21,220,671…

Overview of debris near damage portion of hotel.

KUNDSQSCP 00019.jpg
West side of the square in Monroe, Wisconsin.

businesses and parked cars on Monroe downtown square

KUNDSQSCP 00009.jpg
The west side of the square in Monroe, Wisconsin is shown, along with a few period vehicles.
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