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Royal Neighbors riding in the 1915 Cheese Day parade.

A B&W postcard image of the Green County Courthouse, along with the Square, in Monroe, Wis. Please note the horse drawn carriages and wagons surrounding the courthouse.

Early postcard of the Green County Courthouse in Monroe, Wis. Please note the horse drawn carriage in the foreground. Photo credited to W.E.T.

The floats of W.F. Trukenbrod and C.S. Dodge & Son roll past a crowd of spectators at the 1915 Cheese Day parade.

A wagon with a band onboard is being pulled by four horses in the 1915 Cheese Day parade.

The Badger Cheese Company float in the 1915 Cheese Day parade.

A parade rolls along in front of Ross & Keegen’s grocery store. There is a bit of a mystery here, because it isn't certain if this parade is taking place on Cheese Day.

The Farm Bureau parade float, from Cheese Day, 1923.

CHEESEDAYS00022 .jpeg
A horse drawn cart, manned by a gladiator, with clowns walking behind it, in the 1928 Monroe Cheese Day parade.

Horse drawn parade float with band members playing instruments, Cheese Day, 1928.
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